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Hey guys!

I am getting so excited to show you my first worldwide release with my single “Alien”, and my other single “Open My Eyes” on the Rock For Cambodia compilation!!

Now all 70,000 of you have been waiting patiently to hear my single “Alien”, and today I am excited to announce a brand new contest. Three winners will be the ONLY people to hear “Alien” in October, and everyone else will have to wait until January 1st, 2013 to hear!

So here is how you win the contest.

From August 5th - September 30th you have the chance to make a Munoz fan page account on Twitter, Tumblr, and Youtube.

For twitter you will need to dedicate your account to Munoz, add a picture of her, and start tweeting about Munoz. The person with the most followers on September 30th will win a preview of “Alien” and a personal phone call from Munoz!

If you want to enter by Tumblr, you will need to dedicate your Tumblr account in Munoz’s honor and continue to update about Munoz. The account with the most followers will win a preview of “Alien” and a personal phone call from Munoz!

If you want to enter on YouTube, you will just simply need to post a video talking about Munoz, and “Alien” and the person with the most views and likes on their video will be the winner!

All of the accounts must have Munoz’s twitter account on the profile, and we will be tweeting out all the entries.

Good luck,

Mother Alien Munoz

The Olympic games.

The most beautiful thing about the Olympic games, is that it is a time where all of the countries in the world lay aside their differences, and gather together to partake in friendly competition.

It’s just a beautiful thing to me, and I felt like sharing my thoughts on it :)


Guys! I’ve had this awesome opportunity to be able to partner up with the Wounded Warrior Project! Take a few seconds to view this video to see how YOU can help out AND win a dinner date, with me, Munoz! This is really awesome stuff! Your one dollar donation can really help make a difference! Also, don’t forget, enter as many times as you want! (: 

You can visit the site for more rules and regulations on how to win the dinner too!

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